About The Club

Club History

Founded in August of 2015 by Charles Fredette, the Vertex Investment Club debuted its activities as an extracurricular club at the founder’s private high school, the College Sainte-Anne located in Montreal QC, in Canada. The Club’s welcome and first meeting attracted a few students interested in the finance and investing industry, who later joined the Club and started their journey towards financial literacy. Charles was elected Chairman & Chief Executive Officer by a majority of members in 2015.
A Club Meeting in 2016.
Following the first meeting, only the most dedicated individuals were back to continue learning. Consisting of Noah Serhan, Abdurrahim Birik and John Michael Anfossi, these members are part of the backbone of the Vertex Investment Club. At the end of the 2015-2016 school year, the Club had six members, with most of them serving as Officers of the Club.
In the 2016-2017, the Club participated in the [email protected] Investment Competition. Creating an efficient strategy based on value investing and technical analysis, the team ranked in the top 15% of the competition, sadly not getting invited to the Global Finale in Pennsylvania. Although the Club was upset about its rank, the College Sainte-Anne presented a Special Recognition Award to the team to highlight entrepreneurial dedication and leadership skills demonstrated throughout the school year. Furthermore, during the second year of Club activities, members were inspired and taught by mentors, including guest speakers from investment firms and teachers who shared personal and business stories.
At the end of July, a regular meeting resulted into the idea of expanding the investment club to a large community of teen investors dedicated to learn and make money. The Club decided to assign the task to its founder, Charles Fredette and a new arrival, Philip Becker, of designing a fully functional website. The goal of publishing a platform online was to increase visibility and provide prospective members with a registration guide.
At the end of 2017, the Vertex Investment Club consisted of eight members from Canada and the United States of America. The Club’s restructure into “Research Groups” helped members analyze industries they enjoyed, while contributing to the group’s success. Although the group suffered consequences from the founder’s high school whom disliked their capitalist personality, they worked past the struggle and expanded to become independent from any schools, making it a completely student-run investment club and community.
Up to now, the Vertex Investment Club has over 20 members from across the globe, participating in monthly general meetings, research groups video calls, investment simulations and annual meetings. Although one of the advantages of investing is creating a passive income for most individuals, the Club’s mission is to unite young investors with the main goal of learning together in a community.