Vertex Investment Club

A community of young investors.

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Passive Income

Give members the chance to invest their own money to create passive income and allow them to save money for the future such as paying back college loans.

Investing as a Group

Learning how to invest as a group will help members develop key skills such as communication and critical thinking useful in both academic and career related activities.

Networking Opportunities

Our numerous activities organized throughout the year will create networking opportunities for our members to connect with same-aged individuals from around the world.


Would you like to know if the Vertex Investment Club is a good fit for you? Follow the steps below.

Read the Guide

Take a glance at the Prospective Members Guide, which covers all the information needed to learn about our philosophy and course of action. After reading it, you will have discovered if the Club is a right fit for you.

Read the Guide

Fill Up the Application

If the Vertex Investment Club is a good fit for you, you may fill up the Online Application, which requires you to give basic personal and contact information. The Recruitment Team will contact you shortly of your application verdict.

Online Application

Schedule an Interview

If you have been messaged back saying that we have accepted your application, you may schedule a video interview on our online portal. This interview will help our Executives to know you better, and find you a role in the Club.

Schedule an Interview

Membership Agreement

Congratulations! You have been accepted in the Vertex Investment Club. Before you can join our Club activities, you will have to sign the Membership Agreement. You will then receive your Vertex Portal and Vertex Mail credentials.

Membership Agreement